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Attitude and Behaviour

Ysgol Dyffryn Ogwen ensures that every pupil is offered numerous experiences that will help them to be responsible and progressive citizens within the school and their community. The school emphasises the expectations of good behaviour and what we expect from our pupils on a day-to-day basis, namely courtesy and respect towards others.

We will promote self-discipline which is based on consideration and respect for others, pupils, teachers, visitors as well as self-respect.

The pupils are encouraged to work, learn and grow together in this atmosphere. The school has an anti-bullying policy and all pupils will understand through PSE activities, health and wellbeing and RSE programs as well as the morning assemblies the harm that bullying can cause and why it is not acceptable.

We have an excellent team of Deputy Heads of Year who establish and maintain close contact with pupils and families as required.

The code of conduct is the basis to every aspect of the school’s work and the pupil development.

General Code of Conduct

  • Respect fellow pupils and staff
  • Respect the school and keep it clean and tidy
  • Respect the belongings of fellow pupils and the school at all times
  • Respect the class rules enabling learning for all
  • Be courteous at all times
  • Be honest
  • Be responsible and accept responsibility
  • Make the most of every opportunity

Pastoral Care

The Deputy Head of Year is the key person in the link between home and school; they will get to know the pupils well. Messages from home, sent to the Deputy Head of Year, in time for the morning registration can be passed to the appropriate person within the school and the necessary response arranged promptly. In each year group the team of Deputy Heads of Year is led by the Head of Year. The Heads of Year have overall responsibility for the welfare and the progress of all pupils in their respective year groups. Parents are encouraged to contact the school to discuss any particular issues or concerns. Appointments can be made with the Head of Year in the first instance by contacting the school office. The school enjoys excellent relationships with all external agencies concerned with the general welfare of the pupils and support for families.